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Reviewing and Approving Organisation Admin requests

Knowing How, When to Approve, and When to Reject Request for administration rights


Having read the support article on managing organisation administrators, which can be found here, the next step for the Super Administrator is to manage the requests from users who have clicked "request organisation rights" on a particular organisation profile.

Approving these requests grants the user access to all the data managed by that organisation, including sensitive documentation under validations or due diligence submissions.

Incorrect approvals could result in data leaks. Therefore, a structured process is essential for managing these risks effectively.

Super Admins might get an email like this. It allows Super Admins to Accept or Reject the data access request.


What to look out for

Check the Organisation's Profile

Look at the classification and identification tags at the top of the organisation profile to understand the context. If group administration rights are set up, notify the group administrators. They might recognize the individual's name and approve the request immediately.

Check Group Administrators

Go to community > settings and look at the > group administrators for the organisation profile. Identify if someone has been set up as a group administrator who can assist in determining whether to approve or reject the request.

Read more on Group Administrators, here.

Check the User Profile

Verify if the user's profile contains the necessary information to justify approval. Ensure all required fields are complete and correct. Consider emailing the user to confirm if they genuinely need access to the profile.

In Summary


Only approve the request if there is a 100% clear confirmation that the user needs access to the Organisation profile.

If you are not sure, the request will expire after 24 hours, assuming that you have not reject the request.