Smart Indicators on Susurate

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Smart Indicators allow you to automate M&E calculations, in real time

In this guide:

  • To enlighten you about Smart Indicators and how they work
  • Show you how to create Smart Indicators
  • How to link them to initiatives
  • How the smart indicators appear in a Susurate report

Getting Started

Smart indicators are linked to initiatives and auto populate depending on the initiative report that is completed by a user. Currently the supported derivations are:

  • sum (multiple indicators)
  • difference
  • divided by
  • times
  • percentage of
  • custom expressions*

*The system fully supports custom expressions, contract support to have a custom calculation developed for your programme.

Creating a Smart Indicator

To create a smart indicator

  • Log in as a super admin to your portal
  • Click "Susurate"
  • Click "Impact indicators"
  • Select the second tab "Smart Indicators"

To add a smart indicator click "Add a Smart Indicator", this will be a button on your right hand side

Fill in the smart indicator form, first of all you need to 

  • Select the type of calculation
  • Indicate the name of the indicator
  • Complete a short description of what the indicator is about
  • Include the edit- Smart indicators aggregates are always formed by doing the calculation using the aggregates of the indicators it's based on, so no need to set it manually. Avoid using different aggregate types in the calculations

Mixing units is supported and you can specify conversion factor while building the smart indicator. Some assistance is provided on the set up however this is purely mathematical and may require a skill person to complete the conversion calculation

Adding and Removing a Smart Indicator

Smart indicators are added to an initiative the same way impact indicators are added to an initiative. This guide gives a steps on how to add indicators to initiatives. 

When adding a smart indicator to an initiative, all the indicators it depends on are added too, as they need to be reported on to calculate the smart indicator value. 

If some indicators are manually removed the smart indicator will just show as empty as it cannot calculate the desired result.

Data Capture

When completing a Susurate report which includes a smart indicators, the smart indicators will show as disabled fields of which the value auto-updates as other indicators are filled in. If the smart indicator has a target the relative performance is shown like for normal indicators as seen below

Click here to get the guide on how to complete a Susurate report.

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