How to Setup Susurate and Organisation Targets

Super admins can set up targets for the organisation's initiatives to outline the goal of the programs and what it tries to achieve within a certain timeframe.

This is important since the targets will let the users know how the initiatives are doing.

Take note, however, that the organisation needs to be linked to the initiative first. If you're not sure how to do that, kindly check out the guide linked here.

How to Set an Initiative Target

To set up a target for an initiative, follow these steps:

1. Within the Susurate feature, go to the Initiative page and select the initiative that you would like to set a target for.

2. Within the Summary page of the selected initiative, click the tickbox to show the indicators as a table.

3. Then, click on the Initiative target button for the indicator you would like to set a target for.

4. On the next page, enter the target or estimate and click the Update target button.

5. Now, when a user reports on the initiative, the next columns will update as well and show the reported aggregate and projected aggregate from all organisations linked to that initiative.

6. When creating a graph to see how the indicators are doing overtime, you can also show the targets within the graph itself by clicking on the Show targets option below the chart types.

How to Set an Organisation Target

As you might have noticed while setting an initiative target, the column next to it is the target aggregate from all the organisations linked to the initiative.

If you like, you could also set it directly from the Susurate feature.

1. Simply click on the Organisation target aggregate button for an indicator.

2. Once you do that, you will be able to see a table that lists out all the organisations linked to the initiative as well as the target per month and initiative target.

You only need to fill out the Target per month and the initiative target will automatically calculate. Click on the Submit button to save the changes.

3. What you set here will also reflect on the organisation profile. You can also set or change the target from there.

Go to Organisations and click on the organisation you would like to set targets for. Again, this organisation needs to be linked to the initiative before you are able to set the targets for it.

4. Any organisation targets set in the Susurate feature will also reflect here (as you can see from the sample indicator example used earlier).

To set or change the target for an initiative, simply click on that specific target.

5. Enter your target or estimate for the entire initiative duration (not the monthly target) and click the Update target button.

6. If you go back to the Susurate feature, you will see that the organisation target for that organisation you changed has also been updated here.