Deadlines and Suspension of Organisation Profiles for overview Reports

Modified on Thu, 18 Feb 2021 at 09:30 AM

Admins: Setting

This feature needs to be activated as it is currently set to 600 days by default. We recommend updating this to 45 days when you are ready to do a mass clean up on your portal. Keep in mind profiles will be suspended and notices will be issued for outstanding reporting. 

Reporting here includes:

- Initiative Indicator reports

- Validations (custom names ,could be Due Diligence)  

N.B. there is an aspect of an exerts dates here, which are counted as the date for which the 'number of days after validation expiry to deactivate profile' take place.

For Initiative Indicators, this is project report. The date used here is based on your setup, be it daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Notices to users

Users (organisation admins) will receive a notification as below when their organisation profile is suspended

Automated suspension

Organisation profile will automatically be marked as inactive. Users will no longer be able to see their profiles and therefore no be able to complete any reporting.

Super admins are able to unlock profiles by clicking 'mark as active'

Click here to read about "Inactive Organisation" and how it affects your users

Reporting is made simple for users by the view your upcoming reporting deadlines feature

The portal will be constantly checking for deadlines and automatically sending out smart notifications. Upcoming deadlines are managed in a simple to review view below. For this feature to work, submitted forms need to have an expiry date which will then trigger the notification to be sent out. 

Click here to read about validation smart rules

Switching on the feature 

  • Log into your portal as a super administrator
  • Head over to settings 
  • From the setting panel scroll down to system settings 
  • Click on "Deadlines"
  • Slide the toggle to yes to enable deadlines
  • Note down the number of days after validation expiry to deactivate profile
  • Set the number of days a project report can be outstanding before profile is deactivated
  • Do not forget to click save and the feature will be live on your portal 

Learn about the Reports Deadline Management Feature

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