• Learn how to activate Outcomes on your portal

Activities on your portal might have an outcome that to be reported on for participants such as training received or marks achieved. In the event that your activities do not have specific outcomes or the outcomes are not required, the functionality can be switched off and will therefore not form part of your reporting

How to Activate Outcomes

  • Log into your platform as a super administrator
  • Click on Organisations - Do this just so that the tool bar on your left hand side can open up
  • Once open, click on Settings
  • Once open, click on Appearance 
  • Scroll down to the Outcomes required switch
  • Switch in On or Off depending on your preference

How will this have an effect on my Portal

Turning the slider to Yes turns your Outcomes on meaning that they will show up on the report.

Everyone you report on will have the set Outcomes showing on their profile, as skills learnt if the outcomes are achieved.