Finally, a Smart Due Diligence Process For Your Activities, Based on Your Needs.

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Validation or Due Diligence Rules Based on Your Type of activities

"Validations" is a feature you can use to verify (using an accept/reject submission process) any specific information your platform needs to collect about the different organisations/ stakeholders you engage with. Validations can be custom named to match your specific program. They could be grant applications, site checklists or assessments just to mention but a few.

There are 4 key restrictions that can be applied to your validations/due diligence forms: 

  • Limit access to super administrators
  • Limit by type of organisation
  • Limit by type of activity
  • Limit by organisation moderation phase

Limit Access to Super Administrators

This also allows you to have administrative validations on the portal that only super administrators can have access to. These forms will only be visible to users with super administration access and will be hidden from the rest of your community. 

Limit Forms to Types of Organisations

You can apply rules in relation to the validations which limit the view for specific types of organisations. This ensures that only the those specific organisation will have site and access to those forms to avoid other organisations filling in forms that do not apply to them.

Limit Forms to Types of Activities

You can restrict validations to specific types of activities on the platform. This will help in the management of compliance documentation needed for a specific type of activity. In the event that these validations are void, the user and the administrator of the organisation will be alerted of the violation and requested to update the forms. The moderator will also be notified when reviewing events that need approval as a secondary measure to ensure that all compliance documentation is in place prior to the commencement of the event.

Limit Forms to Organisation Moderation Phase

Forms can be restricted to the organisation moderation phase. The form will only be accessible for organisations depending on the moderation phase they are in.

Editing validation form rules when users have access to the form and may be submitting responses, may impact the users submission.

To read more about how to set it up click here: Setting up access restrictions

To read more about how will it help a normal user click here: Submitting your Validations

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