There are three kinds of rules/restrictions you can set when creating validation/due diligence forms for your organisations: 

  • Access Restriction: Only Super Administrators will be able to access these types of forms and they will not be visible to other users.
  • Type of Organisation: Validations can be limited to a specific type of organisation 
  • Type of Activity: Validations might be limited to events linked to a specific type of activity

Learn how to set each of the restrictions below and the impact it will have on your users.

Validation/due diligence forms can be custom named to suit your specif organisation compliance documentation. You can change the name from the settings panel under the appearance tab. click here to learn how you can rename your forms.

Getting Started:

  • Login as a Super Admin user
  • Click on organisations - Do this just so you can be able to see the tool bar on the left side of your screen:

  • Click on Due Diligence:

  • Scroll down until you see the "Create" button

How to Limit Access to Super Admins 

Prior to creating your validation/due diligence form, you can restrict access to 

 How to limit Forms to types of organisations

Upon setting up every new Validation/Due diligence form you will be required to choose "allowed organisations types". Make sure that your organisation types are set up correctly for the rules to apply accordingly.

Validation Rules for Opportunities

If you require certain documentation for a specific type of activity, you can set a rule that will notify the user as well as the administrator of the required documentation when posting a particular activity. For this to work effectively the activities on the portal need to be set up correctly. You can learn more about customising your types of activities by clicking on this link.

Customising Your Alert Message for Opportunities

When posting an activity, the user will get an alert if the type of activity chosen requires a due diligence completed and the status of the form. The messaging on the opportunity/ activity is fully customisable from the settings panel under appearances. Follow the instructions on this article on how to set up a custom notice for your users. 

You can include what steps they need to take to ensure the required validation is valid in order for their event to be approved.


Administrators will get a notification email stating the validation status: 

  • Expired
  • When its is expiring
  • If the validation has been rejected
  • If the validation is awaiting approval
  • If the validation is yet to be submitted