Welcome Wizard Setup

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Welcome Wizard Setup


  • Learn the basics of the Welcome Wizard
  • Learn how to set up the Welcome Wizard
  • Learn the different settings available for the Welcome Wizard


The Welcome Wizard is a great way to introduce new users to your platform. Instead of finding out the steps they need to get started, the Welcome Wizard will do it for them.

As a super administrator, you have the power to set this up and customise the wizard according to the needs of your platform. All changes can be made from the Setup Panel.

Welcome Wizard Setup

The first thing you have to do is enable the Welcome Guide page.

Head over to the Setup Panel of your platform by clicking "Settings" at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, access the Wizard's settings by clicking "Welcome Wizard" under the "Usage and Account" tab.

Under the Welcome Guide tab, click the slider to YES to show the welcome page.

Now, you have to name the welcome guide. Use a descriptive name that would help newcomers understand what the welcome wizard is all about.

Welcome Wizard Settings

Currently, there are 6 pages or steps in the Welcome Wizard to help guide new users:

  • 1 Create user profile step
  • 1 Create organisation step
  • 4 Custom steps

All of the Custom steps share similar settings you can tweak. There are 5 items you should know:

  1. Show step slider
    • Clicking the slider to YES makes the Custom step visible in the Welcome Wizard to newcomers.
  2. Page title
    • Use a descriptive name to help newcomers know what the step is all about (Maximum of 50 characters)
  3. Page content
    • This is a custom text you can include in the step. This would explain to the user what they have to do and why (Maximum of 200 characters)
  4. Page link
    • Insert the link to the page where you want to direct the new user
  5. Show 'Agreed' checkbox slider
    • Clicking this slider to YES would show an "I've read the page" checkbox on the step

Here are 2 examples of what a Custom step looks like:

New users would need to create their own user profiles. The "Create user profile" is a step that shows new users what to do. Normally, this step is found in Step 2.

To enable this step, click the slider under Step 2 to YES.

Here's how it looks on the Welcome Wizard:

In addition, new users could create a new organisation. This is found in Step 3.

To enable this step, click the slider under Step 3 to YES.

Now, if you want to add a dynamic link, be sure to use the dynamic form and test it.

The end result might look like this.

Here's how it looks on the Welcome Wizard:

Once you're satisfied with the settings, click "Save" at the bottom.

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