Adding and Editing a Program-me


  • Learn about the basics of Program-me feature
  • Learn how to add a program-me
  • Learn how to edit a program-me


Program-me is a feature that enables you to add gamification on your platform. This feature lets users can see how close they are to accomplishing the programme's overall objectives and/or deliverables. You can set goals for items like activities, hours, skills, and users.

Add a Program-me

To start, go to the Program-me section by clicking [Program-me] at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click on the [+Add a program-me] box.

There are 7 items you should fill-up:

  1. Programme name
    • Provide a descriptive name for your programme
  2. Description
    • Write here a short explanation about the objectives of the programme
  3. Start date
    • The starting date of the programme
  4. End date
    • The ending date of the programme
  5. Number of activities
    • The number of activities you goal to achieve
  6. Hours required
    • The minimum number of hours you want to goal
  7. Skills to be acquired
    • Add the skill(s) you goal to acquire through this programme

Once you're done filling out the form, click the "Create programme" below.

To add or remove users from the programme, click on "Add/remove users".

From here, select which action you want to take. If you opt to add users, it will automatically add users not on the programme yet. If you opt to remove users, you'll have to choose who you want to remove.

Editing a Program-me

To edit a program-me, simply click on the "View details" of the program-me you wanted to edit.

Then, click on "Edit".

Go through the details of your program-me and change whatever you think is necessary. Then, click on the "Update programme" box below.

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