Attendance Reporting: Custom Fields Setup

Modified on Fri, 18 Nov 2022 at 11:40 AM

Additional Fields on the Opportunity Reporting Page

The Custom Reporting Fields feature allows you to have more fields to be filled out on the opportunity reporting page.

It's also possible to limit the application of the custom self-reporting fields based on activity type.

This is a different feature compared to Custom Fields where you can add customized fields on the desired entity.

All added fields will apply to all the opportunities on your portal and will be displayed under the "Noteworthy" tab. 

This feature is useful when you:

  • Need to gather more information from the attendees
  • Have additional questions you want to ask

How It Looks in Action

Before we dive into how the reporting page would look like after adding custom reporting fields, this is how the Noteworthy tab under the reporting page looks like:

To examine how the feature looks, let us assume you have more information you wanted to know from the administrator completing the report.

If you prefer, you can have a header to classify the custom fields that you added. 

Let us label it, "Additional Information".

Let us say you want to ask the administrator himself if he enjoyed the opportunity. 

You can do it using a Yes/No button.

You can also use a checklist for the field. 

Let us say you want to know if the opportunity was an office event or a field event.

You can also utilize a drop-down for your field. 

Let us assume you want to ask directly if there was any problem with the event.

You can ask for suggestions by using text input.

You can also use a File Upload item if there is anything you want to show, like an image or a spreadsheet. You can limit the file type to Image files, Text documents, or Spreadsheet files.

If you want to clarify or describe the form, you can do so by putting a note.

You can also require a certain form to be filled out. It's indicated by the red asterisk.

To summarise, the Custom Reporting Fields feature allows you to:

  • Provide additional fields on the reporting page in different forms
    • Text input
    • Yes/No button
    • Drop-down
    • Checklist
    • File upload
  • Have a custom header to label the custom added reporting fields

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