Active Directory Sign In


  • Learn how to enable sign in/up by ADFS


The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature is great addition to The Social Collective's arsenal of making the life of organisations and its volunteers easier. With the use of an existing Active Directory credentials, users are able to sign up/in to their respective platforms without having to create another account (another username and password to remember!).

This article is about activating this feature from the Setup Panel of your platform. Before doing this, you should contact The Social Collective's team to assist you in integrating the Active Directory that you have to your TSC platform.

Enabling Sign In/Up by ADFS

First, access your Setup PanelĀ by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, scroll down a little until you see the System Settings heading. Click [Security Controls] from the tabs below the heading.

To enable this feature on your platform, just click the YES/NO slider under the Active Directory Sign In.

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