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Behind the Scenes of Inviting Users


  1. Learn about user invites
    • Add an individual
    • Select from subscribers (bulk)
    • Invite targeted users
  2. Learn what happens after sending the invitations


After creating an opportunity, administrators can add participants by adding an individual, selecting from the organisation's subscribers, or inviting targeted users. All these are done from the Opportunity Dashboard.

Note: Invited users receive an invitation email to join the opportunity.

To access the Opportunity Dashboard, search your opportunity at the Opportunities page by clicking [Opportunities] at the left-hand sidebar.

Once you found it, click the [View more details] box.

You can also find your opportunity through the organisation dashboard. Click [Organisations] at the left-hand sidebar.

Search your organisation and click the name.

If you scroll down, you can find a list of available opportunities. Click the name of your opportunity to access the dashboard.

Add an Individual

To add an individual, visit the Manage Volunteers page by clicking [Manage participants] at the Overview.

Then, click the [Add an individual] box.

Fill out the form with the necessary information and check the appropriate boxes. For users that have profiles on the portal, the form will auto fill once you have selected the user profile using their name.

Users with profiles who are already participants of the opportunity will not show up when you click [Add an Individual]. If the name of the user you wish to add as an individual does not show up, check the current participants, it might be they are also added to the opportunity or they do not have a profile on the portal.  

Click the [Invite as volunteer] box to send the invitation.

Select from Subscribers (Bulk)

You can also invite volunteers from your organisation's list of subscribers.

To add invite existing subscribers, click the [Select from subscribers (bulk)] box on the Manage Volunteers page.

Tick the boxes at the left side of the names of the subscribers you want to add.

Then, click the [Add Subscribers] box to send the invitation.

Invite Targeted Users

This is a smart feature which uses an algorithm to suggest users from your organisation's community that are most likely to attend.

To use this feature, click the [Invite targeted users] box from on the Manage Volunteers page.

Note: You can only use this feature once in 24 hours.

For any matches you disagree, simply untick the boxes at the left side of the subscriber's photo and name.

Once you are satisfied with the selection, click the [Add users] box to send an invitation.

What happens after sending the invitations?

Invited users receive an email and SMS notification about the invitation.

Note: Subscribers receive email and SMS notifications about newly created opportunities only if the author set it up to do so.

The email contains a link to the opportunity dashboard where the invited user can apply.

This is done by clicking the [Count me in] box.

After the user clicks the box, the administrator can accept the application by clicking [Accept] on the Manage Volunteers page.

If for some unforeseen reason the user cannot make it to the opportunity, the user can withdraw his attendance.

This can be done by visiting the opportunity dashboard and clicking the [I cannot make it] box.

In cases when the volunteers for an opportunity reached the maximum number, users will be unable to submit an application.

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