Profile Editing Privileges

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User Profile Editing Rights


  1. Learn about profile editing privileges
  2. Learn how to change profile editing privileges
  3. Learn how this privilege affects different types of users


By default, administrators have the ability to edit user profiles within their respective organisation and opportunity. However, super administrators can take away this privilege to protect the information of the users from malicious intents.

How to change profile editing privileges?

First, go to the platform's setup panel by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Clicking [Settings] brings you to the Setup Panel.

Click User Profiles under the Usage and Account tab.

The User Profiles tab contains the Profile editing privileges settings.

To change the settings, click the YES/NO slider beside Profile editing privileges.

Click the slider to change the settings.

How does profile editing privileges affect different types of users?

Super administrators have the responsibility of maintaining the platform as well as moderating the platform's content and users. Super administrators can edit a user's information anytime.

Notice the presence of the Edit option on a super administrator's point of view.

Organisation administrators, by default, can edit any user who has subscribed to the administrator's organisation.

Notice the Edit option at the drop-down menu when clicking the wrench icon from the Organisation's Community Leaderboard.

Clicking Edit would bring you to the user's profile page.

After turning the privilege off, notice the absence of the Edit option.

After turning the privilege off, only the Tag function remains.

Opportunity administrators can only accept or remove volunteers from the opportunity.

When accessing the Manage Volunteers page of a specific opportunity from a super administrator's account, there is an Edit option beside the Accept and Remove options. 

Notice that the names of the volunteers are also clickable. When clicked, the link brings you to the user's profile page where you can edit the information.

There is an Edit option when viewing from a super administrator's account.

In comparison, there is no Edit option from an opportunity administrator's view, only Accept and Remove. The names of the users are not clickable.

On an opportunity administrator's view, there is no Edit option.

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