Advanced Geo-location by Google Maps

To utilize the advanced mapping feature of the portal, you need to set up the required Google Maps API key.


  • Learn how to set up Google Maps API key
  • Learn how to get your own Google Maps API key

How to Set Up Google Maps API Key?

Note: Please check your API key, as a wrong key will lead to broken maps. Check the Google Maps terms for whether your portal needs a free or premium key, as Google Maps billing is based on how your portal is setup and hosted.

To start, click [Settings] on the left-hand sidebar of your portal.

Then, click [Country and Maps Preferences] under Usage and Account.

Enter your key on the appropriate box and hit Save.

How to get your own Google Maps API key?

If you don't have your own Google Maps API key yet, you can get one on the Google Maps Platform site.

First, you need to visit Google Maps Platform and click the [Get Started] blue box.

Tick all three types of products and click [Continue].

Enter a new project name.

Enable billing for your project by creating a billing account.

After configuring your billing account, you will need to enable your APIs. A new window will display your API key. 

Copy the key and paste it on the appropriate box on the Google Maps settings of your portal. Then, hit Save.