Adding Opportunities

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Post Your Opportunity

Three ways to create an opportunity.

  1. Learn how to add an opportunity from:
    • Your profile
    • The opportunities page
    • Your organisation's profile
  2. Learn the details or information needed when adding or posting an opportunity
  3. Learn how to set your opportunity private


Opportunities are events that occur at a specific time and place. People are invited to attend or are required to attend by their organisations. 

Opportunities have specific outcomes. These are takeaways the participants are aiming to achieve with the said event.

There are three ways you can add an opportunity:
  1. From your profile
  2. From the opportunities page
  3. From your organisation's profile

Note: You have to be logged in to add an opportunity.

How to add an opportunity from your profile?

To start, click [Profile] on the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click the [Add an Opportunity] link near the center.

How to add an opportunity from the opportunities page?

Click [Opportunities] on the left-hand sidebar.

From there, click the [Add an Opportunity] box.

How to add an opportunity from your organisation's page?

First, click [Organisations] on the left-hand sidebar.

Find and click your organisation.

From there, scroll down a little bit then click [Add opportunity] on the right side of the page under the Activity section.

All actions above will take you to the Add opportunity page.

Fill out the necessary details and click the [Add activity] button below.

What are the details needed when adding an opportunity?

As shown above, there are details you need to fill in about the opportunity you're adding.

  • Organisation
    • This is the organisation your opportunity belongs.
Note: If you can't find your organisation, you can simply add the organisation.
  • What are you adding? (Opportunity name)
    • Name the opportunity you're adding. Make it short.
  • Details and notes about the activity
    • Describe the details of the opportunity. Make it informative.
  • When, Starting time, and Hours
    • Indicate when the activity is and what time. Also, indicate how long the activity will last.
  • Activity Category
    • Select the category from the drop-down list the best defines your opportunity.
  • Outcomes
    • Select the outcome from the drop-down list that you envision from the opportunity.
  • Add an image for your opportunity
    • Upload a relevant image. The image is displayed when a potential participant is viewing the opportunity you created.

Note: Once you create an opportunity, you are responsible for its management and reporting.

Private Opportunities

If you do not want to share the opportunity you added with the public, you can mark it as "Private" on the Sharing and Notification tab under Edit details.

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