One of your duties as an administrator is to manage participants. You see to it that the right people join the opportunity. You can also add and invite individuals to the opportunity.


  • Learn different ways of managing participants

How to Manage Participants

You can access the options by finding the opportunity in your organisation. 

To start, go to [Organisations] on the left-hand sidebar of your Home page.

Find and click your organisation.

  • Click [Opportunities] under [Organisations] on the left-hand sidebar
  • Find and click the specific opportunity you want to manage
  • Click the [Manage volunteers] found on the left-hand sidebar

Accept or Remove Individual

You can accept or remove individuals from the opportunity.

Selecting from subscribers by bulk and Inviting targeted users

You can select from [subscribers from subscribers (bulk)] and [Invite targeted users] from your organisation's community to the opportunity by click on their corresponding box links.

Add an individual

You can also add individuals to the opportunity who attended but wasn't added.

Note: If your opportunity is still under moderation, you will not be able to add any participants. This does not apply to super administrators.

Start with clicking [Add an individual] and supply the details.


  1. Supply the necessary details
  2. Check the 2 permission boxes
  3. Click [Invite as volunteer]