Posting Opportunities and Inviting your network

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Once you have added a Opportunity and it has been approved and/or moderation, you can now invite people to your Opportuntiy. 

Sending an invite can be done in the following ways:

  1. Add an individual. As the Opportunity Administrator or 'OpAdmin', you can add people directly to the Opportunity from the Opportunity dashboard steps. See the button "Add an individual"
  2. Select from Subscribers. You can select users from the list of subscribers which are already subscribers to the Organisation under which this organisation has been posted.
  3. Invite targeted users. This uses an smart algorithm (and filtering which you can setup) to suggest attendees. If you are looking for a specific group of users to attend your session that meet a certain criteria, click on the "Invite targeted users" tab as shown in the image above

Adding Subscribers for Future Opportunities. You can add a person to your community and they will get a notification that they have been added. To learn more on how to add a user click here.

SUPER ADMINS NOTE: This will only happen if you choose to notify your subscribers, this can only be done when posting Opportunities from your specific Organisations Dashboard

From your Organisation Dashboard. To notify your subscribers of an Opportunity with and SMS and EMail invite with the details, post the Opportuntiy from your Organisations dashboard.

  1. Go to your organisations dashboard and click Add Opportuntiy
  2. Complete the steps and when you get to the final step select the Notify Subscribers = YES Option. This will send an notify to all your subscribers

Quick Add Opportunities. For Quick Add you'll need to active this for your portal

  1. Go to setting > Appearances 
  2. Then fine and switch on Quick Add Posts must be Private = NO 
  3. If you do this, these Opportunities will appear on the /opportunities page  

What happens when you invite a person to an Opportunity

Once your Opportunity has been moderated and approved, subscribers on your organisation will be notified, from where they can count themselves in to complete the action. A user will get a notification via email and sms alerting them of the upcoming Opportunity. 


To respond to the invite the user needs to....

  • Click the link on the SMS or Email.  This takes the users to a page where they can see the details of the opportunity
  • Access the portal via the internet
  • Find the 'count me in' button on the right hand side of the page

NOTE: If the session is full, you will not be able to count into it. It will say ''It is full

What happens after counting in?

The 'RSVP' request will need to be approved by the OpAdmin Once done the user will get a notification 

I cannot make it

If the user is no longer available to attend the Opportunity, the user may remove themselves from the Opportunity by clicking on "I cannot make it" button on the right hand side of the opportunity page. 

The user will be removed and their details will not show up on the register

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