Make use of Country filtering for programmes that are run in multiple countries.


  1. Login, as a Super Admin
  2. Click Settings
  3. Scroll down to Usage and Account
  4. Select 'Country Preferences'
  5. Switch it on for your portal - as per the instructions below
  6. Click Save 
  7. Then click over to 'Opportunities' and/or Organisations Pages to see the filter

How to use the settings

If you want to be able to allow users to filter by Country, you'll need all your content to have 'perfect location' data. Ensure the Opportunities, Organisations and User Profiles all require Address selection. If not, your users will not have data to filter out.

NOTE: It will only show Countries for which you have data

Working in Rural Areas?

Keep in mind if your work is in rural settings, the mapping solution used (which is the word best solution), might not have those specific locations - which can be frustrating for the user when adding the address. Read more about this here.

Double check when it comes to Moderation

Ensure your moderators are specifically checking addresses when doing moderation to ensure the setting works efficiently for you.

Why is geo-location important, read more here.

Learn more about this feature here