The youth of South Africa are heavily involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Statistics show an alarming 50% of South African teens drink alcohol. Organisations like are putting themselves in the forefront to help fight against this giant that can potentially kill the future of this nation.

A great partnership between Project Isizwe and gave birth to a powerful and full of impact ambassador programme. Aside from giving hope to 6 unemployed young people, it is still spreading the word to the youth about the dangers of drinking alcohol. Project Isizwe pioneered the distribution and installation of the WiFi machinery while rolled out an underage drinking programme aimed at addressing the epidemic in South Africa.

The impact stories on The Social Collective show how much change this programme is bringing to different communities.

The ambassador programme has not only helped bridge a digital divide in the rural communities of Mpumalanga and free State but also improved their verbal and written communication skills through interactions on the internet in the raising of awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse and helping the community to connect to the wifi.

The Social Collective plays a vital role in the management of the ambassadors, tracking and reporting on deliverables, and the collection of feedback and stories. Below is some feedback from the beneficiaries who have been assisted by ambassadors to connect to the free wifi.

Below are excerpts from stories of how this programme helped the community:

"Installing free Wifi around the community of Maviljan is very helpful to everyone — not just the youth but even old people since there are those who cannot afford to buy data for their children. With the help of, they are no longer worried about data."

- Khumalo Juana

"Installing free Wifi around communities is very helpful because it helps a lot of people access the internet easily. Unlike before, not everyone can afford data, especially at schools. Learners are now able to do school assignments and it makes the work much easier, thanks to's free wifi."

- Mpho Khaphetsi

"I have learned about the after-effects of drinking alcohol because of I am able to advise people about the consequences of drinking because people drink and drive which causes accidents. Learners are able to perform well via their L.O subject and they say their teachers are impressed with their marks. This has impacted my community in a very positive way. I am glad I was given the opportunity to be the driving force to spread the word about the free wifi and the information on the website. This is truly a great experience!"

- Xolani Van Wyk