Quick Add Settings


  • Learn how to edit the appearance of the Quick Add feature of your platform
  • See how the options in the Quick Add Settings reflect on the Quick Add Feature


The Quick Add Feature provides users with a way to quickly add opportunities from different pages of your platform. As a platform administrator, you can customize the name of your opportunities to ensure they are in line with your program and/or activities.

Changing Your Quick Add Settings

To change your quick add settings, access your Setup Panel by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click "Appearance" under the Usage and Account tab.

There are different settings you can tweak to give more personalisation on your platform:

  1. Name of opportunities
    • Opportunities are entities with a place, time, outcomes and participants. They can be once-off or recurring. 
    • What you enter here is what you will call these entities throughout your portal.
  2. Page Title name
    • This would be the title of your "Add Opportunity" page.
  3. Placeholder for what are you adding question
    • What you write here will be the placeholder text for the "Details and notes about the activity" form.
  4. Call to Action Button 
    • This is the text on the button that would bring you to the "Add Opportunity" page.
  5. Call to Action Text
  6. Validation Rule Violation Alert: Add your customized alert if there are validation set up for specific types of activities
  7.  Privacy
    • Turning this slider to YES turns your Quick Add posts to private
    • The default is private
  8. Outcomes
  • The slider can be turned to YES or NO
  • Turning this slider to YES turns your Outcomes on.

How the Quick Add Settings Reflect on Your Platform

  1. Name of opportunities
  2. Page Title name
  3. Placeholder for what are you adding question
  4. Call to Action Button
  5. Call to Action Text
  6. Privacy
  7. Outcomes