Activating Outstanding Activities and Reports

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Helping the Community Complete All Reports


  1. Learn about outstanding reports
  2. Learn how to show outstanding report on users' profile
  3. Learn how to use this feature


Being able to see the outstanding reports on users' profile would be a great benefit for your community. With this feature, you are able to see any outstanding reports, thereby, helping your community finish these reports.

However, in order to see the outstanding reports on users' profile, a platform administrator has to turn this on at the Setup Panel.

How to show outstanding reports on users' profile?

First, go to the "Setup Panel" by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Click "User Profiles" under the "Usage and Account".

Click the outstanding reports slider to YES.

Lastly, click "Save".

How to use this feature?

One of the objectives of this feature is to help your community submit their reports. The most effective way to do that is to encourage, or even ask, your volunteers to not have any outstanding reports.

As a platform administrator, you can also check each profile and see if they have outstanding reports.

To do this, click [Community] at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, click any name of any user on your platform. You can then see the outstanding reports on the center of the profile page.

To illustrate better, below are examples of profile pages with outstanding reports:

To make use of this feature even better, you can pick the opportunity that has not been reported yet for that volunteer and report it yourself.

To do this, click on the [Report Now] button at the right side of opportunities.

Clicking [Report Now] would bring you to the "Do Reporting" page of that opportunity where you can report it. To learn more about reporting, click here.

The color coding of the [Report Now] boxes have significance.

The yellow box represents self-report. This details the volunteer's own attendance, rating, and comment about the opportunity. To learn more about attendance reporting, click here.

The green box represents admin report. This details the opportunity report including attendance, noteworthy, and financial contributions.

Volunteers who applied for opportunities and have not yet been approved, their outstanding report for that opportunity will be labeled as "Pending". This also covers users who posted an opportunity and are waiting for approval.

For more information:

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