Self-Report Forms

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Self-Report Forms


  1. Learn the basics of self-report forms
  2. Learn how to set up self-reporting
  3. Know what users see when self-reporting
  4. Learn how self-reporting affects bulk attendance reporting


The Self-Reporting Feature allows users to report on their participation in any opportunity. This enables report and export of insights and increases accountability on hours spent, proof of work completed, specific questions answered and anything you need to collect that can be added via mobile phone or desktop computer.

The standard self-reporting form covers what you need to complete the report. You can also add Custom Self-Reporting Fields straight from the Setup Panel, which you can read more from *here. Collecting the data makes it easier for the administrator to complete the reports. Administrators will need to review the report (and change if needed), edit, and complete the report. Editing the user data will overwrite what the user submitted.

Below are the sections covered by the standard form:

  • 'I'm not attending' - if the user is absent
  • Hours Contributed
  • Your Rating
  • Comment

Setting Up Self-Reporting

To set up self-reporting, go to the Setup Panel by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Then, select "Reporting" under Usage and Account.

Scroll down and go to the "Attendee Self-Reporting" section.

To enable self-reporting, click the slider to YES. Once done, click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Note:  When the mobile app setting is active, self-assessment reports are automatically enabled.

What Users See

Users will see a simple form with all the sections of a standard self-report form.

Effect on Bulk Attendance Reporting

After a user self-reports, you will see the submitted reports under the "Attendance" part of "Do Reporting" section. To know more about Bulk Attendance Reporting, read this article.

The user card with filled out self-report will be in yellow as seen below:

For more information:

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