Retail Community projects at Growth Point

There are often donations, in kind contributions, other 3rd party costs and management fees that go into projects at our Retail Centres. This processes allows the CSI Team to capture these expenses [digitizing them for later use and reporting] as well as upload the the receipts. 

How to report on Retail.

To make reporting easy for you, we have prepared a step by step guide to help you capture all in kind and monetary contributions made to organisations including the number of volunteer hours donated per project which happen at our retail centers. 

There is now a safe place for your proof of retail sponsorship projects



BEE/BPO/NGO Certificates

Appreciation letters


<<TIP>> There is a template below if you need help with this

What is covered in the user guide 

To add these to: you'll need to follow a few step, please follow the details below:

  1. Go to the portal
  2. Add your 'project' - this is the first of two step, you'll need this step to be approved
  3. Report on it: Your time and the proof of payment/invoices/photos, etc

CSI will approve your submissions at step 2 and 3.

Step 1: Login

Create a profile by following this link. Enter your Growthpoint email address. You will receive an email with a link to complete your profile. Please check your spam emails if the link doesn't end up in your inbox

Step 2: Create an Organisation

Search for your desired organisation and if it does not appear on the list of organisation, go ahead and add one by following this link: 

Ensure you have the basic contact details of the organisation.

Step 3: Adding the Opportuntiy

[Click here to create your project now]

Create an Opportuntiy on the portal by clicking here: - Ensure you select the right activity type that is linked to your retail center under the set categories as below shown below

The activities will be linked to your specific retail center. 

Step 4: Reporting

Report on the opportunity created. This is the 2nd step of the process for you to complete your Retail Report. It involves uploading your Space booking form, receipts, rand value, images and other notes. You'll also need to complete the amount of your time this engagement used.

Image: Reporting in Financial Contributions for an Opportuntiy. Here Receipts and photos are being uploaded.

You'll need to go to report on the project you'd like to report on, then follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the report as per normal, reporting (hours contributed) on attendees or people involved. If no one was involved, no problem (skip that step). Read more here.
  2. Financial contribution reporting follows next starting with monetary donations 

What are the types of Financial Contributions?


If any funds have been raised to be donated to the organisation state the value in the value section and describe the fundraising process

<<TIP>>  Request a section 18A certificate from the beneficiary organisation and upload it as proof of the monetary donation made.

In kind donations 

This is the section where you itemize all goods and services donated to the beneficiary organisation which can include but not limited to:

  • Office space
  • Exhibition space 
  • Goods received from donation drives 

Describe the nature of the goods, the quantity and the value if known. Upload proof in the form of:

  • Photos
  • Letter of acknowledgment from the organisation
  • Any slips used to purchase donated goods

See attached examples of documents that can be used as proof of donations made. For all donations given including exhibition space, the beneficiary organisation will need to send a letter of acknowledgment of the donation received and a declaration of the BBBEE status of the beneficiaries.

Third party Contributions

Any contributions made from anyone who doesn't work for Growthpoint should be recorded in this section. 

Include proof of donation in the form of 

  • Photos
  • Donation letters

Management Costs

In the event that you have paid for management services from any supplier, detail the costs incurred on this section

Upload a receipt/ invoice in the proof section showing the value of the costs incurred as received from the service provider. 

Click finish and your report will be sent for moderation. 

In the event that you encounter any issues, send an email to