Financial Contributions Reporting

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As an Opportunity Administrator, it's your responsibility to record and report donations and contributions. This feature allows you to capture these expenses and digitize them for later use and reporting.

To start,

  1. Click [Organisations] in the left-hand side bar and find and click your organisation
  2. Click [Opportunities] under [Organisations] in the left-hand sidebar and find and click the opportunity you want to report
  3. Click [Do reporting] under [Opportunities] in the left-hand sidebar

Financial Contributions

Go through the reporting (from steps 1-3) as usual. (For more information, click here)

Fill in the necessary details on step 4.

Note: All sections are options. Fill them out only if financial contributions/donations were made for this opportunity.


These are cash donations (gross monetary amount) paid in support of the opportunity.

Enter the value of the donations.

Note: The currency for all amounts are in United States Dollar ($). Enter all amounts without a currency sign.

Describe the donations.

<<Tip>> What was it used for?

Upload any proof you have (invoices, notes, receipts).

In-kind Donations

These donations include equipment, property, and other non-cash contributions.

Provide specific details. The information will be added to the history of items donated by your organisation. Use the description to help super administrators manage your report.

Note: Do not over inflate the value of random goods. The proof should be connected to your description.

Third Party / Leveraged Contributions

These include payroll giving and fundraising as a result of the opportunity.

Fill in the necessary details and upload proof.

Management Costs

These are the costs of project management used for the event. These include transport, refreshments, project materials, and incidentals.

Fill in the necessary details and upload proof.

When you're done, just hit [Finish]

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