Adding Receipts and Amounts Project Costs for your Organisation

There are often donations, in kind contributions, other 3rd party costs and management fee that go into projects or opportunities. This feature allows you to capture these expenses [digitizing them for later use and reporting] as well as upload the the receipts. 

How to report on Financial Contributions

You'll need to go to report on the project you'd like to report on, then:

  1. Complete the report as per normal, staring attendees or people involved. If no one was involved, no problem (skip that step). Read more here.
  2. Upload a photo in the noteworthy section (Step 3) of people and the general indicated impact of this project
  3. Collect your recipes, invoices, amounts and notes. As these will be uploaded in Step 4 'Financial Contributions' - see below.
  • Donations - donation amount, proof of the donation, and a small write up
  • In kind contributions - be specific here, as you'll create a history of the items being given by your organisation. Complete the table, be adding Item name, description, QTY,  and value. Use your description here to help the administrators decide what to do with your report. Try not over inflate the value of random goods given. The proof upload should give a pretty clear indication of what your description is saying
  • 3rd Party/Leverage contributions - there are contributions that are hard to define, like media exposure of something with a value associated to it
  • Management Costs - if someone was brought in to manage the process the costs associated here should be captured here.