As the Super Administrator of your platform, you are able to display a 'forced' message to your users as they login. To see a high level overview about the feature, look at the feature here.

How and why this feature exists: 

  • It is related to the Locking out Users Feature, read more about that here - which fully blocks users out of the system
  • Hours achieved is the main rule or condition upon which you can set the notification and block out rule for. This is to ensure the hours attained on your poral are controlled and never abused
  • If there is a programme update which you need to ensure users read and understand, it can be place here in order for the users to acknowledge the message before they proceed with any action on the portal

Setting up the Feature

  • Login then go to >> setting
  • Scroll down to 'System setting', then >> 'Notification'
  • There you'll see Notification after login, this is where the feature is controlled

The Rule

  • Currently the rule condition for this is "Hours volunteered by the user this year"
  • For which you can select: is at least, is a most, is less than, is greater than, equals, doesn't equal.
  • Input the amount of hours
  • Custom text message as the notice
  • Custom text for the button, limited to 30 characters

For further rules and conditions contact

What the users see

If the users profile matches the set conditions, i.e. My profile has 8 hours volunteers and the rules states: "Hours volunteered by user this year" "is at least" "7". Then the users will get a message like this when then successfully login, they then click the button and carry on as per usual.