Notification After Login Setup

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Notification After Login Setup


  • Learn the basics of notification after login feature
  • Learn how to set up notification after login
  • Learn how the feature affects users


The Notification After Login Feature is like a modern-day notice board that gets the point with the right users at the right time. This allows you to add custom text and a call to action for users just as they log in. You can also display an important notice about your programme to targeted users based on the number of hours they have achieved on your portal.

As a super administrator of your platform, you are able to display a direct message to your users as they log in. To see a high-level overview of the feature, look at the feature here.

Here are the reasons for this feature's existence: 

  • It is related to the Locking Out Users Feature (read more about that here) which fully blocks users out of the system.
  • Hours achieved is the main rule or condition upon which you can set the notification and block out rule. This ensures the hours attained on your portal are controlled and never abused.
  • If there is a programme update which you need users to read and understand, it can be placed here for the users to acknowledge the message before they proceed with any action on the portal.

Setting Up Notification After Login

Start by heading over to the Setup Panel by clicking [Settings] at the left-hand sidebar.

Scroll down to the "System Settings" and select "Notifications".

You'll then see a section labelled "Notification After Login" where the feature is controlled.

There are five parts you should know of:

  1. The rule
    • Currently, the only rule available is "Hours volunteered by the user this year".
  2. Conditions
    • is at least
    • is at most
    • is less than
    • is greater than
    • equals
    • doesn't equal
  3. Number input
    • Input the number of hours to complete the rule.
  4. Message to display to user
    • A custom text message as notice to the user
  5. Acknowledge button text
    • This is the button the user presses to acknowledge he had read the message.
    • Limited to 30 characters

Note: For further rules and conditions, contact

What the Users See

Let us say you set a condition to show a message to a profile with:

  • Hours volunteered by user this year
  • Is at least
  • 7 hours

If the user's profile matches the set conditions, the user will get a message like the one below after they successfully log in.

For more information:

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