This Mandela Day, take inspiration from these 4 entrepreneurs who are contributing to causes in a way that is very much on brand.

KATLEGO MAPHAI, Yoco co-founder and CEO

Yoco is a point-of-sale app and card reader company which enables SMEs to accept card payments. 

How They Are Giving Back: This Mandela Day, Yoco has partnered with social organisation management app, The Social Collective, to offer donation collection, volunteer hours tracking and rating service to organisations supporting NGOs.

The startup is helping to track impact and donations while enabling community engagements using their innovative technology. 

"We are offering two options, both of which gives you access to Yoco’s point-of-sale device and app as well as the Business Portal, where you can manage your sales in real-time and get dynamic business insights, for Mandela Day this year, it means you will either be donating with your debit or credit card, or collecting donations as a partner in this campaign," says Maphai.

The deal is offered to companies supporting NGOs for their staff volunteerism, small businesses who would be willing to welcome volunteers, beneficiary organisations who would like to collect donations via the Yoco card reader and make use of The Social Collective’s volunteer reporting management system.