Know what you're getting, and know what you're giving

The financial contributions feature enables you to track contributions made through your initiatives over and above the time and skills given. The following can be tracked using this feature;

Types of graphs

  • Table - with csv export
  • Pie Chart
  • Historic line chart
  • Summary Table
  • Sankey diagram

Limit by

  • Country
  • Date range
  • Type of Activity or Intervention

Drill down by

  • Opportunity
  • Organisation
  • Type of Activity
  • Day of the week
  • Country, City
  • Type of Financial Contribution

Types of contributions that can be tracked

  • Donations- these are cash contributions as the gross monetary amount paid in support of an opportunity
  • In-kind donations - This is the value of all in-kind contributions e.g.  equipment, property and other non cash contributions
  • Third party / leveraged contributions. The financial value of third party or leverage contributions as a result of your event will be recorded as well which can include payroll giving and fundraising
  • Management costs. You will also be able to track the costs of your project management and all materials used in the execution of your event. By uploading your receipts, you will know exactly from where these costs came and for what your money was used. 


Click here if you are a platform administrator and would like to learn how to activate this feature for your organisation. 

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