Whether you plan to enter the job market immediately after finishing high school or get a university degree, any work experience will be invaluable to you. Volunteering teaches you skills to better prepare you for realities you will face after high school. By creating a Social Employability Profile, you can help your community and also ensure that you are spending this time in the most productive way you could be. 


Significant research has demonstrated that volunteering experience makes a person more employable. Our community is constantly in need of hardworking individuals to complete tasks, and yet finding the resources to fund such services is often too difficult. Taking the initiative to volunteer your own services can indicate to future employers that you have developed skills such as communication and self-discipline. 


The same way they say it is never too early to start working on your CV or a LinkedIn page, having a profile that has already tracked your volunteer hours, skills acquired, and feedback received will give you an invaluable head start. 


A Social Employability Profile can help you secure lucrative volunteer placements by companies, corporate entities, or NGOs, and improve your chances of being hired by such organisations looking for people with your new skill set and experience in the future.