Mandela Day is a time for South Africans to come together to celebrate Nelson Mandela's legacy by contributing service to our great nation. This year the theme is #ActionAgainstPoverty. The Social Collective and Yoco, have teamed up to make your efforts to take #ActionAgainstPoverty quantifiable and to track your community engagement. 

For a once-off cost starting at R3,795.00, you can purchase a card reader and gain access to an online platform to market your organisation as well as give back to a local community. 

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A subscription to The Social Collective grants you access to the volunteer management portal and support in planning, reporting, and managing feedback on your Mandela Day event. Buying a Yoco card reader also gives you free point-of-sale and business analytics to manage your sales in real time and get dynamic business insights. 

The Yoco Offering

In the spirit of Mandela Day and growing analytical data for small business and NGOs, Yoco has extended a special offering for our partners and customers. 

Yoco machines are mobile card readers with long battery life, allowing you to accept payment anywhere at any time and with no monthly rental and a 30 day money back guarantee. They accept all Visa and MasterCard Debit cards including chip & pin, swipe and international cards. 

Choose your Yoco card reader:

  • The Wireless Pro is great for busy spaces and lots of transactions like bars, deli's, restaurants and retail - R2,793.00 incl. VAT once-off.

  • The Wireless Lite is easier on the budget so it's great for businesses that are just starting out, or for those who don't have a high volume of transactions - R1,995.00 incl. VAT once-off.


We would also like to offer you preferential starting transaction rates of 2.75% ex. VAT on debit and credit cards. Transact more than an average of R50 000 per month in card payments? Feel free to send us your name & contact details so we can get in touch to discuss the best transaction rate for you. 

To claim this offer please sign up online with Yoco and use the promo code YoMandela.

The Social Collective Offering

We provide Monitor and Evaluating services to measure the impact of your community engagement, and our portals are a valuable way for you to promote your organisation or company by publicizing your volunteerism.

The Mandela Day special deal: 6 month subscription costing R1,800.00 (reduced from the usual price of R3,300.00). 

To be eligible for this deal, please click here and indicate your preferred method of payment. You will then sign up and create a profile for one of the portals associated with The Social Collective by Tuesday, 18 July

How these offerings can benefit YOU

I already have an event planned for Mandela day and would like to quality for this Deal

Simply add your volunteer opportuntiy to any of our partner platforms. When prompted for payment, type in the payment key "YoMandela," and we will then contact you and help you manage your event.

Small Businesses with a small team (Mom and Pop Shops)

We will place a local volunteer with you - you'll get marketing exposure via our networks. Share some knowledge and skills about your product and sales, and build your community by taking in a volunteer. Building community through social corporate investment is not only for large companies; it starts with small businesses. 

Small Businesses with 5 to 50 Employees

We will connect you to an event needing volunteers that is happening around you. If you would like an event arranged specifically for your business, contact us and we will help facilitate such an event and connect you with NGOs near you. 

As a business, if you host an event partnered with an NGO, a Yoco card reader will allow you to collect donations on behalf of the NGO on Mandela Day, and then donate the money and even the Yoco machine afterwards. The Social Collective will help facilitate your event and monitor and evaluate your company’s volunteer impact.

Corporate Companies

Empower your Mandela Day beneficiary organisations by helping them to collect donations and track the impact of their initiatives. Our Monitoring and Evaluating solutions, as well as the Yoco card reader and the donations collected, will be of great value to both you and your implementing organisations. 

NGOs (any size)

this deal allows you to both collect donations on Mandela Day and track all your event’s details. Even if your event is not explicitly about fundraising, simply having a Yoco card reader at hand will facilitate impromptu donations safely and efficiently. Your subscription to The Social Collective will publicize your event and help you connect with and recruit the volunteers necessary to make it a success. These volunteers will be able track their hours and give you useful and valuable feedback through our platform. 

Contact The Social Collective by emailing or calling +27 87 551 7321 

Contact Yoco by emailing or calling +27 87 943 7233.