As your degree comes to a close, you will realise that your marks will likely not be enough to get you the job you want. Many students leave university and feel forced to accept jobs for which they are overqualified because they do not have any of the experience for which employers are looking. We will work with you and your university to help you get a head start on the job market with volunteer experience that can teach you valuable skills to make you more employable. 


Many initiatives have been discussed about getting young people to volunteer because significant research has demonstrated that volunteering experience makes a person more employable. Our community is constantly in need of hardworking individuals to complete tasks, and yet finding the resources to fund such services is often too difficult. Taking the initiative to volunteer your own services can indicate to future employers that you have developed skills such as communication and self-discipline.

In the past, the problem has been the combination of finding volunteer programmes that will actually teach you the skills you're interested in learning, keeping track of what you're doing, and showing employers what you have learned from the experience. That’s where we can help. 


If you are a UCT student, your university has already partnered with us to create its own portal through which you can create a Social Employability Profile to track your volunteer hours, skills acquired and feedback received in a way that will actually count towards your transcript. 


Other South African students can create a Social Employability Profile through our main portal that will also track your volunteer hours, skills acquired and feedback received in a way that can be included on your CV. You will have a detailed CV, demonstrating your employability before you even graduate. 


A Social Employability Profile helps you secure lucrative volunteer placements by companies, corporate entities, or NGOs, and improves your chances of being hired by such organisations looking for people with your new skill set and experience. With a premium profile, you can also add opportunities you know of and get personal support and monthly mail with interesting opportunities.