There seems to be countless organisations offering volunteer opportunities for foreign students like you to work in an African country. However, many of these organisations charge exorbitant fees and do not even give you any idea if the impact you’ll be having is at all beneficial. Many sources discuss the harmful effects of ‘voluntourism’ will have on a community despite the travellers’ best intentions. We have collected and analysed data about such organisations in order to provide you with the right information to know the impact you will be having. 


You can develop a Social Employability Profile through which you can subscribe to learn more about organisations, give feedback on your experiences, and have an unbiased platform to show future employers the skills you have acquired. 


There are already resources to show you how much of a charity’s money is spent on causes it is supposed to be helping, but there has been no way of knowing whether the outcomes they are aiming for are even the right ones. We provide that missing information. Create a profile to be notified of volunteer opportunities and see stories and feedback from previous volunteers so you can be sure that your time will be well spent.