Super Admins Can moderate all in coming content

Turning on Moderation

Super Admins can manage moderation setting by going to Settings > Approvals and Moderation

How does Moderation affect my platform’s functioning?

After logging in, notifications for all posts that require moderating appear in the left-hand side of the app’s screen. In the example below, we have 66 new user profiles and 2 stories to moderate. 

User Moderation

New people who sign up to the platform are added to a Moderation queue. Super-admins are able to moderate the new user.

To see the new users who need to be moderated, click “Community” in the management section of the platform, and click “Moderations” underneath that.

TIP>> If a user's profile is missing key information - such as ID numbers, email address, phone number and address - then you can send feedback to the user by clicking "Message" and typing in your request (see below).

Automated emails go out

User Email: The email that the user receives will prompt them to click on their profile and make the necessary changes. 

Accepting email. When you Accept a user, they receive the following the email: 

Rejecting a User. When you Reject a user, they do not receive an email. 

If you need to edit existing users profiles

This can be done by clicking on the user’s profile, go to Community >> Find the users >> Click on their profile // Or find the Spanned Icon >> Click Edit. Here you can make changes and edit the users roles or details as desired. You can remove Approval or Opportunity/Organisation Administration rights if the user no longer meets your requirements or has changed roles in your organisation.  

Opportunity Moderation

If new users are posting opportunities using the Quick Add function, super-admins automatically receive an email notification asking them to view the opportunity. Click the link in the email, and then click on the opportunity itself to inspect it before moderating it.

Super-admin's email

Once a decision has been made, the opportunity can be Accepted, Rejected, Edited or a Message sent to the Opportunity Administrator who created it. This process looks just like User Moderation.

User Emails when their Opportunity is




Given Feedback:

Organisation Moderation

When administrators add an organisation, an email is sent to Super Admins to notify them and request moderation. Super Admins are then able to click on the new organisation, and inspect it to see if it is legitimate and accurate. (see below)

Super-admin's email

Clicking on the link will lead Super Admins to the Organisation Moderation panel, where all new organisations pending moderation can be Accepted, Rejected, Edited or Messaged. (See below)

After creating the organisation, users will receive an email to say that the Organisation is pending approval (see below). 

Users' Email:

And this is the email that users receive when their Opportunity is Approved:

Stories Moderation

All stories need to be moderated, except those posted by Super Admins. When a new Story is posted by an Opportunity Administrator, Super Admins get an email notification to moderate it, and the Story creator gets an email to notify them that the Story is pending approval.

Super Admin's email:

When moderating Stories, Super Admins have the option of editing the stories themselves, or can provide feedback to the person who posted it to provide editing help or instructions.

Reports Moderation

Report moderation allows Super Administrators to Approve, Reject and Send Feedback to Opportunity Administrators about the reports they have submitted. To view the reports that need moderating, click on Opportunities in the management section. There you will see the number of Opportunities that require moderation, and the number of Reports submitted that need moderation. (See below)

When a user's report is Approved, they receive the following email:

User Email

How are Users affected by Moderation?

  • All new users – All new users are moderated by Super Admins. They will be able to add opportunities, organisations and stories, but these will also be moderated before they are published.
  • Approved users and existing users – These users are able to post opportunities to approved organisations, but create organisations and stories that will still need to be moderated before being published. These users may have their permissions moderated at any time.
  • Super-Administrators – Super Admins are able to create organisations, opportunities and stories without being moderated. Super Admins are the champions of Moderation and will be responsible for quality controlling everything that gets published on their platforms.