Not to worry, we can help you reset it.

Go to the Login Page

Then click on the [I forgot my password] button on the login page.

Add your email Address

NOTE: This must be the email address for which you have an EXISTING account. If not, the system does not know who you are

Then check your email

Instructions and a link will be sent to you.

NOTE: check your SPAM inbox.

I thought I had an account, but now it appears that I have a new/blank account

It is possible that you could have created multiple account and confused the system :( 

Simply email your CR Coordinator with the following details:

Hello, I am [your name], I am trying to login on to the PWC Volunteer Portal. I think I have an account already but it is not letting me login. Can you please search for my account with the email address, [your email address]. Thank you.