Share an Experience with a Story

Contribute by telling your community a story


  1. Learn about stories
  2. Learn what qualifies as a story
  3. Learn how to share a story


The Stories feature is an important tool you can use to share real-world experiences from the opportunities you participated. It allows platform users and new volunteers to read about the things that happen at opportunities.

This is a helpful tool for developing Public Relations, marketing, and journalism skills.

What qualifies as a story?

  • Short stories or status updates about an opportunity.
  • Description of a personal experience about an opportunity.
  • External links about your opportunity being featured in newspapers, magazines, or websites. Add the link of the feed along with a sentence or two describing it.
  • Creative art or medium. Share your story in a way that shows the world what volunteering looks and feels like.

Note: Stories are not reports. If you want to know how to complete a report after an opportunity, click here.

How to share a story?

First, click StoriesĀ on the left-hand sidebar.

Click StoriesĀ on the left-hand sidebar to access the Stories page.

Write your story on the form provided. You can also add images by click the [+ Select file] box.

Click Select file to upload images.

Then, click the [Share now] box.

Click Share now to submit your story.

Congratulations! Your story is now in moderation. Once approved, your story goes live.