Posting and Managing a Volunteer Opportunity

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Posting and Managing a Volunteer Opportunity


  • Learn the basics of posting opportunities
  • Know how to complete the details of opportunities
  • Learn how to manage the opportunity's participants
  • Learn the basics of editing the details of the opportunity
  • Learn about sending email and SMS update
  • Learn about the importance of downloading the offline attendance register


Opportunities are events that occur at a specific time and place. Users — people — are invited to attend or are required to attend by their organisations.

All users can post opportunities on your platform and you and the other administrators have the power to moderate the submitted opportunities. Knowing how all of these work helps you manage your platform better.

Where to Post Opportunities

There are a lot of places a user and an administrator can post opportunities. There's a feature called "Quick Add" that provides users with a way to quickly add opportunities from different pages of your platform. (You can read more about setting up the Quick Add feature on this article.)

Here are the places you can add opportunities on the platform:

  1. Opportunities Page
  2. Profile Page
  3. Quick Stats Page of an Organisation
  4. Organisation's Opportunity Page

Opportunities Page

Profile Page

Quick Stats Page of an Organisation

Organisation's Opportunity Page

Completing the Details of Opportunities

After pressing the "Add Opportunity" button on any of the given pages, there will be directed to a form you have to fill out:

  1. Organisation
    • Which organisation the opportunity you're adding falls into
  2. What are you adding?
    • What you want to call the opportunity
    • Avoid using all caps and too much punctuation marks
  3. Details and notes about the activity
    • Provide description and notes about the activity
  4. Number
    • Fill this out only if you want to limit the number of participants
  5. When
    • Data of the opportunity
  6. Starting time
    • What time the opportunity will begin
  7. Hours
    • How long the opportunity will be
  8. Location
    • Where the opportunity is held
  9. Activity type
  10. Outcomes
    • What the skills or outcomes you expect attendees to learn
  11. What is the budget for the Opportunity
    • The amount you plan to raise or the budget
  12. Add an image for your opportunity
  13. Private
    • Opportunities are marked as private to hide this opportunity from all public pages 

Note: If you want to know how to write good opportunities, this article shows you how.

Managing the Opportunity's Participants

To manage the volunteers of an opportunity, simply click [Manage volunteers] at the left-hand sidebar.

There are 8 functions you should know about managing volunteers:

  1. Add an individual / Select from subscribers (bulk) / Invite targeted users
    • This is where you can add individuals to opportunities or select from existing subscribers of your organisation. If you're interested in knowing more about managing subscribers and growing your network, read this article here. If the user is already added as a participant, their name will not show up when you search their name when trying to add an individual.
  2. Shield icon
    • Pressing this icon makes the user an opportunity administrator. This article here explains the details of adding an opportunity administrator.
  3. Tag
    • Tagging your users helps you find them better. You can know more about using tags to group and manage your community in this article here.
  4. Edit User Profile
    • This directs you to a page where you can edit the user's profile.
  5. Status
    • This shows the status of the user in terms of being accepted or rejected in the opportunity.
  6. Accept/Remove
    • Where you can accept or remove the user from the opportunity subscriber's list

Editing the Details of the Opportunity

If you need to edit the details of the event, click [Edit details] at the left-hand sidebar. 

Most of the details you'll see are similar to the details you have to fill out when adding an opportunity.

On Step 4: Outcomes, you can send a private notice to all accepted participants about your event. For example, if you have organised transport or meals, you can use this feature to remind people about important logistics.

On Step 5: Sharing and Notification, you can change your opportunity from Private to Public.

Sending Email and SMS Update

You can send a reminder to your participants via email and SMS.  Click [Send SMS and email update] at the left-hand sidebar.

Simply select the recipients, write your message, and send it.

Downloading the Offline Attendance Register

Before the actual day of the event, users would have already started counting in on the opportunity. Or perhaps, you might have manually added subscribers. As these users start pouring in, their names would also populate a register the platform creates for you. You can download this register so save time filling out people's names. Read more about Offline Attendance Register here.

To do so, simply click the "Offline attendance register" at the left-hand sidebar.

Note: After the completion of the event, the register must be scanned and added to the opportunity's report. You can read more about uploading attending registers in this article and if you want to know more about completing a report, read this article.

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