Line Manager Approvals

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One Click [in email] Approval


Activating The Line Manger Approval Feature

Super Administrators are able to activate this feature, this should be switched on and then kept on, upon setup. 

How to activate Line Manger feature: Login >> Settings >> Approval an Moderation >> Line manager approval


If you activate a line manager approval, a few conditions are imposed. Here is the summary:

  • All users will be required to add a line manager name and email address to their profile
  • Line Managers are the only users (except super admins) that can approve volunteers - via approve/reject on an automated email
  • Opportunity and organisation administrators will not be able to accept RSVP's from volunteers

User Profiles

Once activated, the user will be require to complete additional profile field. The following fields are added to the users profile:

  • Line Manager Name
  • Line Manager Email Address

Complete your profile

If a user tries to click 'count me in' (or Indicate interested by RSVP) once this feature has been activated, they will be promoted to first complete their profile.

Adding Line Managers Details for Approval Requests

Updating your profile to indicate your line managers Information.

What is required for volunteering to take place?

With the Line Manager Feature switched on, the system enforces a few steps focused around the approval of RSVPs from volunteers.

With the feature switched off, the Organisation Administrator or the Opportunity Administrator would be able to approve this volunteer application request.

An email is sent to the indicated line manager, who will then have to take the next action - the users is constantly communicate to during this process.

Your application has been sent for line manager approval.

The user gets this email

Line Managers

When a volunteer applies for an opportuntiy the line manager will receive an email that ask the line manager to accept or reject this application, based on the various internal and offline checks they'll need to do.

If the Line Manager click the accept button, they land on a success page. No login required.

If the Line Managers clicks "Yes, accept this request"

An sms is sent to the volunteer

And an email

The application status is automatically updated

The OpAdmins or Organisation admins do not have control over the status of applications. to accept or reject application to volunteer.

Note: If this feature is on, the Manage Opportunities and Participants Feature is only activated by the Line Manager, read more how about the the process works without the Line Manager Approval.

The person managing the Opportunity and participants may will remove a volunteer. The volunteer can check their status by going to the opportuntiy.

If the Line Managers clicks "Decline this request"

The application status is automatically updated

The volunteer will get this email

Organizations Administrators Role

Although Super Admins have all the rights to perform all the actions, Organisation and Opportuntiy Administrators are the key people to ensure the volunteering happens, they are limited by this feature.

Organisation and/or Opportunity Administrators may communicate with the volunteers, pending them to follow up with their Line Managers for approval.

On the Manage participants (RSVP) Page

Line Manager Approvals are active. Each volunteer can only be accepted by his/her line manager using the link in the email sent to the line manager. when the volunteer counted in. You May message the volunteers from 'Communicate' to follow up with their line managers.

The Opportunity Manager may send an SMS/email update to the volunteers

This is done from the Communicate step

An email and SMS update is sent out:

When a volunteer adds a Volunteer Opportuntiy

The Super Admin will need to moderate the Opportuntiy (if Moderation is switched on), however the volunteer that adds the Opportuntiy will remain as a pending applicant, until the Line Manager approves this request to volunteer.

Limitations on the system once this feature is Active

  • Users cannot click count me in without a complete profile and a line manage
  • OpAdmin loose their ability to manage RSVPs, as RSVPs will be automated by the Line Managers Approval (or decline)
  • If OpAdmins or OrgAdmin would like to add a volunteer, they are required to add that volunteers Line Manager
  • Line Managers are required to approve/decline all RSVPs for any volunteering to take place

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