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Request Admins rights for your Organisation

Public Pages for Organisational Community Engagement

The Social Collective does not just create a platform to enable better internal management of your organisation’s activities. We offer a public page that highlights the important information about your organisation and shines a spotlight on your Community Engagement Impact.

For anyone interested in your organisation - either as a volunteer or a potential employee, for example - they could be referred to this public page to get an instant idea of your organisation’s goals and activities, locations, track-record and upcoming events.

Administrators of your organisation are responsible for keeping the organisation profile updated with accurate information. If you are not an administrator of your organisation and need to be, please request admin rights.

What is covered on these 'Public Pages':

  • Listing of all Volunteer Opportunities available with this/your organisation
  • Outstanding applications of volunteers (how many users have applied for these opportunities)
  • Subscribers. These are individuals that have opted to follow you. They will get an SMS and Email next time you post a volunteer opportunity
  • Reported Data. This shows the public how good you are are reporting on your community engagement activities
  • Social Sharing Pages
  • Opportunities listed in a table view - showing Title, Events Date, Participants, Status 
  • Outcomes. All the skills your organisation is sharing with your network of volunteers and 
  • beneficiaries

[Depending on your platform] Paid or privileged features let you see the following:
  • Insights and Reporting Data
  • Feedback from Volunteers. How the volunteers rate you and your volunteer opportunities
  • Issues and Successes. All the nitty gritty of what went down at all those volunteer events
  • Reports. Detail reports including, attendees, signatures, attendance data

Adding your Organisation

Adding your organisation to your platform is the first step to getting your public page active and inspiring people to join you in your mission. It requires you to be a member of the platform (that is, to have your own user profile) and to complete a step-by-step process of adding basic information about your organisation.

>> TIP. First check if we don't have you listed already, you can do this by searching from the /orgs (organisations) pages. If you are already there, you can click the red button [click here to manage it].

After completing the steps, your organisation will go into a moderating queue where it will be double-checked by a super-administrator. Moderation ensures that all content on the platform is of the highest and most accurate quality.

[Depending on your platform] There may be a payment step required.

Read more about How to Add an Organisation here.

Accessing your Organisation

Once you’ve added an organisation to a platform and it has been approved, you will be the organisation administrator, meaning that you’ll be able to manage information about your organisation and its activities. The same applies to owners or administrators who have been granted administration rights for organisations that are already listed on our platforms.

Read more about managing organisations here.

Read about how to add an administrator to your organisation here



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