User and Community Management

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Managing User Profiles and Community


  1. Learn about the user and community management
  2. Learn about editing a user profile
  3. Learn about removing duplicate profiles and deleting a user profile


Aside from moderation, super administrators help the community and users by helping them polish their profiles. Complete and accurate profiles create an atmosphere of social employability that reflects well on the users.

Super administrators have the ability to edit, remove duplicate (while merging the data with the correct profile), and remove a user's profile entirely.

Editing a User Profile

As a super administrator, you can edit a user's profile and add (or delete) information. You can also coach the users to edit their profiles themselves.

The following information can be edited:

  • First and Last Name
  • User Roles (only super administrators can edit this)
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Disability and Interests
  • Address
  • Social Networks

To edit any profile, go to the Community Leaderboard page by clicking [Community] at the left-hand sidebar.

Clicking [Community] brings you to the Community Leaderboard page.

Find the name of the user manually or by using the search function. Then, click the name of the user.

Use the search function to find the user's name faster.

Click the wrench icon and select Edit from the drop-down menu.

Clicking Edit brings you to the user's profile page.

Edit the desired information then click Save.

This will save the edits you made.

Removing Profiles

There are two functions related to removing profiles:

  1. Removing Duplicate Profiles
  2. Removing (Deleting) User Profiles

Removing duplicate profiles help users' activities to be recorded under one social employability profile. A user, for some reason, might have created more than one account.

In terms of deleting a profile, it is very important to know the cases which such action is appropriate:

  • A user leaves your organisation.
  • You have created a duplicate profile for a certain user. In this case, you would have to merge existing data into the other account.

Note: The action of removing user profiles is irreversible.

To perform any of the tasks above, find the name of the user manually or using the search function on the Community Leaderboard page. 

Use the search function to find the user's name faster.

Then, click the wrench icon and select the desired action.

Clicking the wrench icon brings down the drop-down menu which contains specific clickable actions.

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