Setting up a user profile on your platform is a step-by-step process, but we all miss a few steps sometimes. 

Completed profiles will help create a social employability profile that reflects well on you and your organisation. Here's how you can help your organisation and members polish up their profiles so that they can make the most of the platform. 

Editing Your Users' Profiles

If you're a super-admin of your platform, you will be able to edit user profiles yourself, as long as you have the required information. 

However, you can also coach your users to do this themselves. 

You can edit the following:

  • Email address
  • Mobile Number
  • ID/Passport number
  • Physical Address 
  • Demographic Information
  • Profile Picture
  • Tags (read more about using tags here)

Where to find these tools:

 > From the User's Profile

> From the Community Leaderboard (for Super Admins)

You will get to a page like this:

Edit as you wish and remember to click [SAVE].

 Removing or Merging User Profiles

Removing a Profile
If someone is no longer with your organisation, you may wish to remove their profile. Bear in mind that removing a user will also remove all their activities, and the data generated by them. If you need to remove a user profile, please read more here.

Merging a Duplicate Profile
However, if a user has two or more accounts, you'll want to merge them into one account so that the user's activities can be recorded under one social employability profile. If you need to merge a user account because you have a duplicate, please contact us ( with the full name and user IDs of the user whose profiles need to be merged.  

The user ID can be found in the URL of the specific user's profile page. See below.