You can set a goal for how many hours your users need to volunteer

An essential part of motivating your volunteer programme or network is to create a bench mark. This can be setup from your setting panel [Only if you are an an Enterprise License Package].

How to change your Goal

NOTE: Only Super Administrators can do this

Here is how you can edit the goal for your users:
  1. Login
  2. Click on >> Setting >> Gamification >> Set the hours > Save
  3. Then click on 'My Profile' to see the updated goal

What does this change?

On every user profile the users will be show how many how they need to volunteer, as well as how many hours they are on.

NOTE: Users are directed to their profiles once they login, and this is the first thing they see.

How many hours should I make it?

It completely depends on your programme. We recommend 48 hours for you youth and 8 hours for employees.

TIP: Need help structuring your programme? Let us know: