Feel the need to give your users the "warm fuzzy" feeling when they sign up?

We want that for you too!

Hi [Name],

I am the first email which new users receive. I hope you enjoy this post about how you can make me better.


The Social Collective

What can you do?

The system automatically sends out different emails at various points (when users performs certain actions). However, you can send customised emails to make your users feel personally involved (and smile) about your Volunteer Programme and joining your platform/portal:

  • Add your Branding

Note: This is offered on the enterprise plan only.

  • Change the text
    • The communication is already personal. But if you like, you can add in a key message about your programme that will set the tone, expectation, and any compliance matters you would like to address from the get-go.
  • Add a funny image or GIF.

Source: gify.com

Example Email and SMS