Get a Validation Certificate for your Organisation

IMAGE:  An example of a Successful Validation on a organisation profile

As an organisation administrator you are responsible for keeping your organisations data up to date. Part of this may include a Validation for your Organisation profile.

Submitting your Validation

Your Validation can be found by doing the following. 

NOTE: Keep in mind you might be doing this out in the field or you may need to scan and upload some files or pictures. Review your Validation and prepare well. As

1. Login as per normal

2. Find the organisation for which you'd like to complete the Validation. You will need to be an Administrator of the Organisation

3. Click the Validation Button, you have two choices. Left hands side or the right hand side. 
NOTE: This gives you a full list of the Validations for your Organisations

4. Select the Validation which you'd like to complete. 

NOTE: Click the [Submit Now] Button, and not the name of the Validation.

NOTE: If you land up here, go back, then click [Submit Now] 

5. Complete the form to the best of your ability and click when you are done...

6. Click Submit and your form will be submitted.

7. Feedback will be coming your way. Check with your Supers Administrator if you do not hear back on your submission.

What next? Accepted/Rejected

NOTE: Once you have submitted your Validation your Super Administrators will need to approve your Validation before you see the Certification for your Organisation. 

You will receive an email notification with the results of your Submission.