We help companies implement dynamic and rewarding employee volunteering programmes

Our aim is to make company volunteering easy for everyone; to give your people choice; and for everyone involved to have a great experience. That's what creates a successful volunteering programme.

How we do this is by making it easier for busy employees to volunteer by removing barriers and obstacles to their participation. We deliver a great volunteering experience to ensure their time is put to great use, an important element to help ensure they volunteer again next year to help build programme momentum.

We provide volunteer choice - helping volunteers make an impact for a cause in which they believe. This lays the foundation for sustainable and stronger EVPs.  

Our vision is to make employee volunteering easy and accessible to all.

We have experience of what works well (and what does not) and a deep understanding of the NGO sector through our involvement with Harambee and the NYDA. We are always looking for and developing innovative ways to make volunteering a meaningful and worthwhile venture for all.

Activities include:

  • Practical Projects (Decorating, Environmental, Gardening, Conservation etc.)

  • Companionship Activities (spend time with someone who values your companionship)

  • Skills Based Projects (Employability, CV and Interview, Strategy, HR, Sales - the list is endless...)

  • Talent Programmes (for Graduates, High Potential, or simply people you want to develop extra skills)

  • Learning and Development Programmes

Our role is to make volunteering easy, so we provide a fully managed service.

What The Social Collective can do for you

  • Liaise with a validated organisation to find or create events that meet your requirements

  • Carry out a site visit to validate the feasibility and scope the project

  • Organise the logistical arrangements, materials and equipment

  • Produce a full risk assessment and liaise with your own H&S expert

  • Manage the administration and logistics for the activities

  • Provide experienced people on the day to help run your event

  • Provide a consolidated feedback report to evaluate the project value and impact on the community

How much does this cost?

Your volunteering starts by following these simple steps:

    • Pick your initiative from here
    • Sign up your volunteers
    • Post your feedback and stories

Ready to get volunteering?

Contact us on +27875517321 or email on hello@thesocialcollective.co