Team building, with a real difference, brings people together who may not have come together otherwise. Company volunteering initiatives strengthen your business, motivate your staff and improve community life.

Community-based team building events have a proven track record of developing team cohesion, staff morale and motivation while making a substantial contribution within the community.They also happen to be extremely enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying. The Social Collective specialises in helping companies manage their team-building through volunteering projects. We work with community partners to identify projects within your locality and timeframe, working with a sector or NGO of your choice.

The Win-Win Situation

  • Your company wins - Cost-effective team building that also brings added CSR benefits and enhances community and employee perceptions. Increased staff commitment and motivation that lead to improved levels of recruitment and retention.
  • Employees win - Employees who volunteer enhance their skills (e.g. teamwork, leadership, decision-making and communication), which improves personal morale and pride in the company. Improved well-being, reduced sickness and absenteeism are additional reported benefits of employee volunteering.
  • Community partners win - Community organisations who participate in EVPs get exposed to, and gain from, new skills and energy. They also stand to gain a fresh perspective on their context, as well as an enhanced public profile.

Why use The Social Collective?

We're here to solve the Cost-Time-Benefit equation. Companies acknowledge the value we bring but sometimes due to budget reason they try organise comparable activities themselves. There may even be a feeling that volunteering should be free. One guaranteed outcome is that high internal costs (both time and money) mount up quickly. Another is that the quality of an independently organised EVP does not meet the team’s expectations and can deter some from future volunteering engagement. The Social Collective guarantees to help you build a sustainable, scalable employee volunteering culture.

Please call (+27875517321) or email us ( to see if there is something we can structure for you.