Gone are the days where Corporate Volunteering involves one day a year begrudgingly taken off work to paint a children’s home that will rarely be visited again. Today, Employee Volunteering Programmes (EVPs) have the potential to effect positive, tangible benefits both inside and outside a company – and there is ample research to prove it. 
Based on a wide body of research and experience in the field, we’ve highlighted the tri-factor benefits of Employee Volunteer Programmes to companies.

1. Making companies more valuable

  • Increased employee morale and work performance
  • Increased levels of employee engagement and retention within the company
  • Contributes to training and development of employees
  • Improved reputation and credibility within communities
  • Increased company pride and loyalty from staff

2. Developing more balanced employees

  • Development and increase in social and professional skills
  • Increased motivation and morale
  • A healthy boost to self esteem an over all life satisfaction 

3. Building communities’ capabilities

  • Access to further resources and skills 
  • Solution for capacity issues
  • Broadened reach of beneficiaries due to extra capacity
  • Marketing and awareness vehicle for the community needs
  • Increased program and administrative efficiency

How to unlock this volunteering value

Like any corporate project directed at value-generation, EVPs require investment in the right resources.

By matching technical infrastructure, employees’ talents and the external environments that need those talents, an EVP can become a company’s greatest asset for employee-retention and wellbeing, recruitment, skills development and internal relations. And that’s just the value added to companies. Communities and organisations that receive sustained support are far better off than those who experience once-off corporate engagements.

Stories from the field

Mpho Nyaka works daily as an administrator on The Social Collective, but she volunteers in her community regularly. This is an excerpt from her working and volunteering experience:

The opportunity to work with The Social Collective has really made me look at volunteering in a different, more positive way. Instead of seeing it as a waste of time I now see it as a mutually beneficial opportunity for both me, my academics and my community.

Read the full article here.

The Social Collective has dedicated itself to designing the infrastructure to help companies unlock this value. By providing one real-time tool for effective and sustainable EVP management, all that’s left for a company to do is to ensure that the time spent accounting for volunteering is spent doing the volunteering.