Ambassadors are community leaders. They have the inside knowledge about their communities’ or organisation’s needs and people. They understand the power of volunteerism to help people grow personally and professionally, and they want to share that power.

How do I become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are the essential connectors of organisations and volunteers on the platform. They are also champion volunteers. Before you can become an ambassador we need to check that you’re eligible.

  • Do you have an account on any The Social Collective powered platforms?
  • Do you have a smartphone, a laptop, or access to a computer with Internet?
  • Have you completed at least 6 hours of volunteering already?
  • Do you want to help create the largest network of volunteering opportunities for young people?

If you answered Yes to all these questions, you’re eligible to become an ambassador! Follow this simple step to kickstart your Ambassador journey: On your profile page, click the Add Opportunity button and follow the instructions to add an opportunity you’d like to manage.

What benefits do Ambassadors get?

Ambassadors are considered prized volunteers, and they are rewarded in more than gold:

1. Payouts and Prizes

Weekly cash payments and prize draws are awarded to ambassadors who successfully and consistently create, manage and report on events. Ambassadors with the most activity on the platform (that is evidenced by reporting) will qualify for monthly cash and smartphone draws.

Learn more about payouts here

2. RISE Score for Social Employability

RISE stands for: Reach, Initiative, Submissions, and Evaluation. These are categories of skills and outcomes you as an ambassador will gain by using the platform to manage your development initiatives. This score will be reflected on your SocialEmployability Profile and can be used as a measure of your professional and personal skills development. These are very important when applying for jobs, internships or bursaries.

Read more about the RISE Score here

Read more about the Social Employability Profile here

3. Unlock Further Opportunities

By sharing stories and connecting with organisations, you can open up your world to more opportunities, just by learning the power of networking. Very active Ambassadors who are passionate about community development will also benefit from media exposure.

Read more about sharing your opportunity’s Stories here.