You’re an Ambassador! That’s a big deal.

As an Ambassador with the Social Collective, you are joining us on a mission to make volunteer work more professional, to develop yourself whilst you develop your community.

You’ve got your own knowledge, access to your community’s needs, as well as your personal goals. And we’ve got The Social Collective as the technology that can help you achieve these goals, verify those achievements and get paid for doing this with our platform.

Roles of an Ambassador

After Ambassador training, you will be able to use the platform to achieve the Ambassador roles described below:

  • Sign up your friends, schoolmates, and other community members in Johannesburg to join the platform and join volunteering opportunities (especially opportunities created by you).
  • Help NGOs and other social organisations in your area by signing them up to your platform to help them market themselves and find volunteers.
  • Add people who already volunteer for organisations to the platform so that they can find more opportunities and develop their own social profiles.
  • Attend volunteering opportunities and help those taking part account for their hours and skills learnt.
  • Help grow the map of community service in South Africa.

Did someone say “Get Paid”?

If you join the Ambassador Programme and manage volunteering opportunities successfully with our platform, you can earn up to R500 every week and additional prizes like smartphones.

Here’s the breakdown of payouts:

  • R25 per approved opportunity posted on the platform, e.g.
  • R125 + R25 for every completed report + opportunity posted
  • Bonus prizes: Every month we give away an iPhone to the Ambassador who has done the most. Remember: if it’s not reported or uploaded on the system, it does not count towards your points.
  • How do you get paid? Read this article about the different ways we pay you.

What you need to do to qualify for payouts every week:

  • 2 opportunities posted on the platform.  (If you are based in Johannesburg and are on, you need to post at least 2 opportunities that are happening in the city of Johannesburg.)
  • 2 complete reports of opportunities you have personally attended/helped with/helped organised. Read about how to post opportunities here. And read about how to complete reports here.
  • 8-15 people reached and recorded on your attendance register.

NB! These are minimum requirements. The more you, the more chances of making the full R500!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a week?

You can always make it up the following week. Payouts can only be made based on the information and reports we have in our system by every Thursday at 4pm. 

Can these be the same community service opportunities and same participants every week?

Yes. The idea is to help you build and promote a culture of volunteering. Imagine starting a soccer or painting programme for a children’s home and leaving it after one session? That would be quite sad for the children, and wouldn’t teach you as many skills either 

What tools do I need?

You need access to a computer, tablet or phone with working internet. Make sure your internet browser is Google Chrome if possible. Our platform does not use a lot of data, so don’t worry! You need to download WeChat and activate your WeChat Wallet for payouts.

What if I am not on “my hands and heart”?

No problem. You can create an account right now and start posting community service opportunities today. 

Click here to create an account. 

How To Get Support

1st Line of Support:

All Ambassador information is found on This is your first line of support. Type what you’re working on, or a question you have, into the search bar (shown below) and click on the article that best describes your needs. Hello. is your own Google, so use it in the same way you would Google something you’re looking for.

2nd Line of Support: Email us

  • Where to email: if you are on myhandsandheart; if you are on another one of our platforms.
  • When to email: If you cannot find an article to help you on Hello. or if you can’t understand the instructions in the article. We get a lot of emails, so it is a good idea to first look for the solution on Hello. before asking.
  • What to email: Your issue, the link to the Opportunity or Organisation that you’re referring to.

3rd Line of Support: Call us on +27 87 551 7321