We offer two layouts for homepage designs, a completely custom homepage can be designed. Here are some guidelines to help you

Two Options

Standard APP Look One Pager

Custom Sections can be added to the 'One Pager' above, there include:

Video or Image backgrounds

Want a custom photo or video behind the header text? No problem

Video specs: videos in 3 formats. .mp4 .ogg and .webm . And a JPG image which will be used as background when any browser can't show video background. You can convert your videos in this 3 format very easily via http://video.online-convert.com/

Custom text

Keep to the sizes (where possible) and there are no problems

About Us

This can be about your programme for your portal. Try follow the available space for text, bullets and the image.

<<TIP>> A transparent .png up to  400px by 400px will work. Keep the image simple as it must be able to be viewed on mobile - which must be able to scale down to 135px in width.


NOTE: If you require specs, simply request this from hello@thesocialcollective.co


Generally this is about functionality and can have images in the centre.

NOTE: If you require specs, simply request this from hello@thesocialcollective.co


If you would like to talk about your pillar or any three aspects, this is a great place to add this.

NOTE: If you require specs, simply request this from hello@thesocialcollective.co

FAQ Page

To cover all the details and compliance question, you can simply add an FAQ page. 

NOTE: Feel free to request a draft of this from us to get you started, simply request this from hello@thesocialcollective.co

Contact Us

For support and to learn more about your programme, give visitor someone to contact.

Completely Custom Homepage Design

You'll need to work from our existing templates - as the homepage is integrated into the functionality and content from the app (behind the homepage). Please make a request if you'd prefer to go for this option.