We’ve built a short but comprehensive user feedback form that gets you the key feedback applicable to all types of opportunities, without being too time or data consuming for participants/volunteers.

We use a five-point start rating that can be aggregated to give you detailed insights about best, most useful, etc type of activities

The standard feedback fields include:

  • * Management / Facilitation – how professional and true to the event-description was it?
  • * Usefulness – did the participant learn/gain something new?
  • * Enjoyment – how much fun did the participant have?
  •  [TEXT] Comment Box – a text field for qualitative feedback

Add a fourth rating?

You have the option to add a fourth star-rating, in addition to Facilitation, Usefulness and Enjoyment. This can be anything important to your organisation to measure, such as “Venue” to rate the quality of the chosen venue